Wetgeving als dienst

Legislation as a service


Wetgevingswerken - which translates literally as "Legislative Works" - designs policy renewal for a legal context and promotes the value of law for social change.


About Wetgevingswerken



Independent legislative expertise

Wetgevingswerken is an independent consultancy firm that specialises completely in legislative services. Based in Rotterdam, most of our clients are central or local governments in the Netherlands or other public institutions in the broader European region. However, we also offer legislative counsel in other continents, especially in the field of water management legislation and environmental and planning law, expanding on the Dutch approach taken in the Water Act and the new Environmental and Planning act, both of which Olaf has helped create in the Netherlands. Wetgevingswerken is currently developing new legislation for sustainable management of river dykes in Mozambique. Please note that Wetgevingswerken does not take part in lobbying activities.

Photo: Laisa Maria

Photo: Laisa Maria

Olaf Kwast

Olaf is founder and legislative counsel of Wetgevingswerken, with a unique track record as a legislative lawyer and outside counsel. Olaf holds a masters degree in law (LL.M) from the Erasmus University Rotterdam and is trained as a legislative lawyer at the Academy for Legislation in The Hague (ML, a post-initial two-year master degree in legislation). He has been involved the development of several acts that define Dutch environmental and planning law and administrative law more broadly. For more information please contact Olaf.

Advisory Council

Wetgevingswerken works with external experts and students and is thankful to its advisory council for sharing their insights on the long term development and strategy of Wetgevingswerken.

Peter van Lochem

Peter is a Fellow at the Meijers Institute of Leiden University and a researcher at Crisislab. He wrote his Ph.D. dissertation on the concept of disregard of the law, and he was the rector of the Academy for Legislation in The Hague for many years.

Anne Schellekens

Anne is educational manager at the Technasiumacademie. Before, she was Learning & development specialist at ASML. Anne completed her master degree in history and won a bronze medal at the Summer Olympics in London as the coxswain of the rowing eight in the women's event.




Legislative drafting

Wetgevingswerken’s founder, Olaf, has worked on numerous legislative projects in the Netherlands, including the Dutch Water Act (Waterwet), infrastructural planning acts (Spoedwet wegverbreding, Tracéwet), the Crisis- and Recovery Act (Crisis- en herstelwet) as well as the Environmental and Planning Act (Omgevingswet) a complete overhaul aimed at simplifying and reforming existing legislation in the field.

Wetgevingswerken was also closely involved in the systemic reform of long-term health care legislation (Hervorming langdurige zorg), developed several model by-laws for the Dutch association of municipalities and assisted the ministry of Finance on developing rules for a more transparant supervision of financial markets.



Wetgevingswerken provides legislative and legal consultancy services. For instance as part of an expert panel counselling several Dutch energy companies about legal and administrative issues pertinent to the possible improvement and expedition of their respective infrastructural projects such as an energy station or a wind park.

In other consultancy work Wetgevingswerken analysed and explored the complex legislative for possibilities of more fraud proof personal budgetting of health care, drawing on approaches from law and anthropology as well as sociology of law.

Consultancy work is also done to draft guidance documents to legislation or for other legal developments such as landmark court decisions.


Wetgevingswerken is regularly asked to train legal and other professionals, both in-house and in specialised courses, in our fields of specialty.


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